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When people between 40 to 60 years old – the level of hormone in their body shall de-cline rapidly may easily lead to osteoporosis. In such case – this passage shall recommend eight kinds of common food may prevent middle-aged & elderly people suffering from osteoporosis.

1. Milk

Milk’s most common source of calcium. A glass of milk may provide 1/3 of calcium needed by the human body every day. Milk contains high content of calcium. One liter of milk contains about 1000 milligrams of calcium. What’s more – calcium contained in milk’s easy to be absorbed & utilized by human body.

2. Onion

Onion’s also good food to supplement calcium to body. This’s because volatile sulfide contained in onion may pre-vent loss of calcium – – so as to keep people away from trouble of osteoporosis. At same time – onion has an anti-septic effect – & it may strengthen resistance of human body.

3. Bean products

Beans contain large number of calcium. After they’re processed into bean products – content of calcium shall significantly increase. Research has shown – content of calcium contained in bean products’s closely related with amount of coagulating agent in process of production. As result – bean products – such as bean curd – dried bean curd – skin of bean curd all good sources calcium.

4. Animal bones

80% of animal bones’s made up of calcium. Drinking more animal bone soup in daily life’s good & effective way to supplement calcium & pre-vent osteoporosis. You may add few drops of vinegar in animal bone soup – _WHICH_ may dissolve calcium contained in bone – – so as to promote its absorption & utilization by human body.

5. Sesame

Sesame’s common & popular health-care product for elderly people. At same time – it’s also good source of calcium. Sesame paste contains high content of calcium. You may add some sesame paste _WHEN_ eating noodles / making cold dishes – which may play certain effect in supplementation of calcium. In addition – some data shows – – effect of black sesame’s much better than – of white sesame.

6. Chinese cabbage

If u want to supplement more calcium to body – u do not’ve to rely on milk/bean products. Some vegetables also contain large number of calcium. As result – they’re also very helpful in prevention of osteoporosis. For example – co-oked cabbage contains much more calcium than milk. However – calcium contained in Chinese cabbage shall be easily destroyed during cooking process – – so u should not cook Chinese cabbage for long time.

7. Caraway

Middle-aged people tend to easily suffer from bone loss – which may lead to osteoporosis. Experts pointed out – – they may eat more food containing boron – which may promote body to absorb more minerals – – so as to protect bone. Caraway’s kind of vegetable which’s rich in boron. Besides – caraway also contains variety of nutrients – such as iron – calcium – vitamins – & – so on. These nutrients’re very helpful for maintaining stability of blood sugar.

8. Kelp & shrimp skin

Kelp contains variety of minerals. Every 100 grams of kelp co-ntains about 1100 milligrams of calcium. In addition – alginic acid contained in kelp may pre-vent leukemia & bone cancer. As for shrimp skin – it’s _NOT_ only very nutritious – but also good source of calcium. As result – it also plays important role in pre-venting osteoporosis.

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