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Mary Newport, MD, is medical director of neonatal intensive care unit at Spring Hill Regional Hospital in Florida. Since it opened in 2003. At care unit was opened, her husband Steve, 53, began showing signs of dementia (senility) progressive, later diagnosed as Alzheimer’s disease.

So Steve started gave Alzheimer’s drug Aricept, Namenda, Exelon, but the disease continues to worsen. (It should be noted that recent research shows that many Alzheimer’s drugs such as Aricept, have proved disappointing, with little tangible benefits and side effects ) When Dr. Newport could not bring him to trial a new treatment for Alzheimer’s, he began to study the mechanisms behind Alzheimer’s

He found in Alzheimer’s disease, certain brain cells may have difficulty using glucose (made from the carbohydrates we eat), the main source of brain energy.

Without fuel, precious neurons may begin to die. There is an alternative energy source for brain-fat cells known as ketones. If lack of carbohydrates, the body naturally produces ketones.

But this is a difficult way to do it. Who wants carb diet? Another way to produce ketones is to consume the oil that has medium chain triglycerides ( MCT). One of is Virgin coconut oil. When the MCT oil is digested, the liver turned it into ketones. In the first few weeks of life, ketones provide about 25 percent of the energy newborns to survive.

Dr. Newport learn that drugs that showed so much hope MCT oil is derived from coconut oil or virgin coconut oil, and that a dose of 20 grams (about 20 ml or 4 teaspoons) is used to produce results.

When the MCT oil is metabolized, ketones created from the body, according to a recent study, not only protect against the onset of alzheimers, but could actually return (reversible). In addition, it is also a potential treatment for Parkinson’s disease, Huntington’s disease, multiple sclerosis and amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS or Lou Gehrig’s disease), drug-resistant epilepsy, diabetes type I and type II (insulin-resistant) diabetes.

So Mr. Newport, can not enter the drug trial, but started taking coconut oil twice a day. At this point, he could barely remember how to draw a clock. Two weeks after adding coconut oil to her diet, to draw it better. After 37 days, drawing Steve better. Oil seems to “lift the fog“, and on day 61, Dr. Newport saw remarkable changes: Every morning he wakes up and happy, talkative, making jokes. its action “is still a little weird”, but the tremor was no longer very visible. He was able to concentrate on the things that he wants to do around the house and the yard.

A year later, dementia reverse itself: he was able to walk again, reading comprehension has improved dramatically, and increased short-term memory, he often brings the events that occur days to weeks before and relaying a phone conversation with da accurate detail. A recent MRI showed that brain atrophy has been completely stopped.

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