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Osteoporosis is a disorder where the bones of an individual become less dense and porous. In other words, for a person with Osteoporosis bone density is much less than what it is for a normal person. As a result of this, the bone is much weaker and is susceptible to breaking even with slight pressure. Therefore, people with Osteoporosis need to ensure that they do not accidentally have a fall. They also need to be careful about lifting heavy weights all of a sudden. Since the bones are weak, they may snap at any moment if too much pressure is placed on them.

To diagnose Osteoporosis bone density is measured through what is known as a Bone Mineral Density test. This is the only test available for diagnosing low bone density and detecting the presence of Osteoporosis. Since Osteoporosis is painless and has no symptoms whatsoever, most people would never know if they are suffering from the condition until one of their bones break. But for those who wish to find out if they are affected by Osteoporosis when they have not already broken a bone, a Bone Mineral Density test is the only option to find out.

If the Osteoporosis bone density test indicates the presence of osteoporosis in an individual, the person needs to immediately undergo treatment in order to prevent the breakage of any bone and the damage that can happen as a result of such an accident. There are a number of different treatments for osteoporosis. There are drugs that minimize resorption of bone tissue, which in turn makes the bones become denser over time. The intake of Calcium is also recommended for people suffering from osteoporosis to make their bones denser. Calcium can be derived either from one’s normal diet or from supplements in the form of pills and capsules.

Most important of all, people suffering from osteoporosis need to take adequate precautions to ensure that they do not have a fall. They can also do exercises to strengthen their bones and muscles to become stronger. By following these few simple steps, people can avoid most of the problems associated with the disorder.

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