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I’m in the semi-finals for a competition I can SEE that I will win!

3 more lbs to go.

I’m injured. I can’t exercise – not even swimming – yet I have to get to the end now, I’m so close.

“Patience”, my wonderfully kind and supportive husband says.

It’s Mother’s Day weekend in the United States. It would be lovely to enjoy a Celebration meal and a glass (or two) of wine. But I’m so close to the end. I am NOT coming off now. The sheer desperation to finish is a keen, anxiety I could not have imagined.

How do athletes find the resource for that final push? How do they get over the line?

It’s been a l-o-n-g road to this final countdown. A journey that started on December 27, 2011. (That day so that I would be off the Attack Phase and into a new life by January 1, 2012) Maybe this journey started last July when I moved to Jacksonville and finally agreed to go back on my anti-depressant meds? Between July 15 and Christmas, I lost 10 pounds without even trying. I had suddenly noticed when about to start the Dukan Diet that I was 10 bls lighter than I’d been in Myrtle Beach. So odd that just being happy can make such a difference to the body. I’m continually sad and embarrassed that my brain needs this stuff.

The Dukan Sit’es formula said I’d be down 59 lbs by June 24, 2012. I knew it wouldn’t take that long, if I stayed on the wretched thing properly. Now, it might. No exercise? A whole month to lose a measly 3 lbs?

Man, do I ever need support and encouragement now!

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